Near to the almost recommended routes, we would like you to know the South Tyrolean slope of the Catinaccio seen from the Coronelle Pass.

The way n. 541 leading to the Cigolade Pass starts directly from the Ciampaz saddle, the location of the Pederiva hut. After having surmounted the Cigolade Pass descend until the junction leading to the Gardeccia on the right side and follow the way on the left side (way n. 550) to the Coronelle Pass (2630 m). Go past and descend to the historic, in the year 1900 built refuge A. Fronza on a very characteristic and recently renovated way.

Here starts a very interesting, pleasant panorama way, the Hirzelweg or Masarè way (n. 549) caressing the foot of the legendary Parete Rossa (Red Face) and leading in approximately 2 hours to the bronze eagle dedicated to Christomannos, the pioneer of the tourism in the Dolomites. In further 15 minutes you will return to the starting point.