The clear recommendable access is the equipped, ravine like metallic fixed rope trail leading to the basis of the “Torre Finestra “. Starting from the refuge ” Roda di Vaèl ” is the approach reachable in approximately 30 minutes. The duration for the entire route, rising up more or less across over the rocky ridge and some various rocky towers, which serve as natural water divider between the province of Trento and Bolzano , is 2.30 hours. From the end of the metallic fixed rope trail is the refuge reachable in 30 minutes.
In case of wish to connect both metallic fixed rope trails, we recommend the start from the Vaiolon Pass and the climb of the ” Roda” trail and, after having reached the junction on the basis of the “Torre Finestra”, to continue with the right ascending trail of “Creste del Majarè”.

Many guide books recommend the reversed direction, but we list some important reasons for our recommendable description:

  • All the demanding climbing parts are in the ascent and are therefore more secure.
  • If the hiker has a heavy rucksack, he can start from the refuge only with the necessary climb gear and collect the entire rucksack on the way back.
  • At last but not at least: starting from the Vaiolon Pass is the sun your companion of the entire tour.