The refuge Roda di Vaèl is located on the Ciampaz saddle, at an hight of 2283 meters and in the middle of the Catinaccio/Rosengarten group.

Google Street arrived at high altitude

To reach the refuge the fastest connection points are:

• the Karerpass / Passo Costalunga
• from Vigo di Fassa
In both cases, there are several solutions with considerable height difference and walking times.

To reach Karerpass/passo Costalunga

From Bolzano through Val d’Ega/Eggental: from A22 (Brenner motorway), exit Bolzano Nord, follow the signs to Val d’Ega-Carezza (S.S. 241). Val d’Ega is a narrow valley that leads to Nova Levante/Welschenofen. From Nova Levante the road continues to Karerpass/passo Costalunga (belonging to Vigo di Fassa) for a total of 28 km. From passo Costalunga the road continues reaching  Vigo di Fassa in other 9 km.
Exit Bolzano North to Passo, about 20-25 minutes.

1. Path number 548
• Difference in height 530 mt .
• Time 1,30 hours ca.
• Distance 3.5 Km .

Departure from Karerpass m . 1745, 548 trail – 1.30
The path starts near the Karerpass, just below the slopes of the Passo following the direction towards Val di Fassa (about 200 mt, the trail entrance is close to a parking place ) .
We start along the forest road (trail sign n ° 548 – indications Ref . Rotwandhütte ) shortly after arriving at the junction with the path 552. After leaving the trail to the left 552, you continue taking along a debris area , then to a valley ( construction ), till the locality Pasche 2005 mt.. You follow the path along the valley. It gains altitude with increasing views reaching finally the Ciampaz saddle, with the nearby lookout of Ciampaz . Here stands the famous and historic Rifugio Roda di Vaèl/Rotwandhütte ( 2283 mt ) .

2. Trail No. 539 and No. 549, uphill  to Paolina Refuge with Paolina chairlift
• Difference in height 150 mt.
• Time  0.45 ca.
• Distance 2 Km.

Just below the Karerpass,  along the main road that takes to Nova Levante (not that far from Grand Hotel Carezza), you find  the Paolina chairlift that will quickly take you uphill offering stunning views of the Catinaccio/Rosengarten and Rifugio Paolina.
From Rifugio Paolina, 2125 meters, you take the path no. 539 that starts a few meters before the arrival of the chairlift, with a turn to the right at the very beginning.
Climb up the pastures under Punta Masarè visible to your left, while on the right you will touch the Latemar group with great landslide at its foot.
You get up to the monument dedicated to Theodor Christomannos, pioneer of tourism in the Dolomites: a large bronze eagle situated at an altitude of 2349 meters. At this point the bulk of the height difference is almost done!
Continue right on the trail no. 549 ( Masarè) in an open environment with a beautiful view of the whole valley, you’ll quickly reach the saddle with the refuge Roda di Vaèl 2283 m (at 45 min. walking distance  from the Paolina refuge).


To reach Vigo di Fassa

From A22 (Brenner motorway), exit at Egna-Ora, follow the signs to Val di Fiemme – Val di Fassa (S.S. 48). You reach Vigo di Fassa through, Passo San Lugano, Cavalese/Val di Fiemme/Predazzo, Val di Fassa in about 55-60 minutes (55km from the motorway exit).

1. Start with trail No. 547 and then No. 545
• Difference in height 900 mt.
• Duration 3 hours ca.
• Distance 5 Km.

From Vigo di Fassa m. 1382,  take the direction to the small hamlet called Valle. From here the trail follow the trail no.547 that intersect the forest road that goes up to Vael hut, this allows to reach path no. 545 that leads to the refuge in about 3 hours and overcoming a significant height difference.
The path 547 has recently undergone a big landslide  (beginning of 2014), just above the town of Vigo di Fassa. It is therefore necessary to get on site information regarding the practicability of this access point.

2. Trail No. 545, reaching Ciampediè with the cable car
• Height difference 300 mt.
• Time 1,30 hours ca.
• Distance 4.5 Km.

From the center of Vigo di Fassa, you take the cable car to Ciampedie (parking possibilities at the cable car).
From the arrival station of the Ciampedie cable car at an altitude of 1,950 m, your way continues up along the green meadows towards Prà Martin. Then take route no. 545 that leads to the long valley towards Malga Vael and then with steep overhang directly to Rotwandhütte.
From Ciampedie hours 1.30 to 1.40.

3. “Viel de le Feide” (Sheep path), reaching  Ciampedie  by cable car
 • Height difference 300 mt.
• Time 1,30 hours ca.
• Distance 4.5 Km.

From the center of Vigo di Fassa, take the cable car to Ciampedie (parking at the cable car).
From the arrival station of Ciampedie (altitude of 1,950 m.), continue walking along the green meadows towards Prà Martin. From here you  take the “Troi de le Feide or Vial” (Path of the Sheep) at the foot of the Cigolade and Pale Rabbiose.
Once you reached the Buja de Vael, you meet path no. 541 that continue towards the left that takes you comfortably to  Rifugio Roda de Vael. From Ciampedie hours 1.30 to 1.40.