D. Zeni, A. Gross, E. Pederiva, L laquaniello, 22nd-24 th August 1964.

cima_su_dei_mugoni01_02This route with crevices and roofing dieders would be a pleasure with a natural kind of climbing, but this is a tour on a poor rock quality. The climb is most artificially in the second part, so this isn’t a very often chosen route.

Degree of difficulty : very difficult- ; very strenuous, especially for the non-experienced with the stirrups.
Difference in altitude: 300 m
Duration: to the approach in 25 minutes; ascent in 5-5.30 hours; way back to the refuge in 1.15 hours.
Equipment gear: complete equipped climbing route; recommendable some pitons for replace the unstable and missing ones.
Description of the route: start from the refuge Roda di Vaèl; go on looking at the topo and photo.
Descent: at the summit follow some climber trails at the right (north) to the steep gravelled and rocky slope going down slowly and passing below the main peak until reaching quite a few stone pyramids (where the crossing seams closed up by ledges). Follow the climber trails until the basis (1 st UIAA grade) and connect with the way leading up to the Vaiolon Pass (1.15 hours to the refuge).