This proposed route follows partly the ancient way of the shepherds for leading the flock of sheep on a little difficult path to new pastures.

Start from the 1950 m high Ciampedia and after the ascent across over the green meadows of the Pra Martin, a winter resort for a lot of skiers, follow the way “Vial delle Feide” (sheep) until the crossing with the way n. 541. Turn to the right and rise up on the steeper and more strenuous way to the 2579 m high Cigolade Pass.

This is a beautiful panorama point overlooking fantastic mountain sceneries with the Sella and the Marmolata in the background and above your head the grandiose rock face of the Catinaccio.

A beautiful descent is offered along boulders and mountain pines and after that, across over meadows until the Gardeccia. Follow the way n. 540 through refreshing woods to come back to Ciampedie, one of the most beautiful balconies of the Dolomites.